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Did you need to become a PJ and don't know what to do with your taxes?


Are you already a business owner and dissatisfied with your online accounting?

Discover the services of HX, an Agile Accounting, which makes your life easier and helps you focus on what you do best to make money.

The best jobs in your segment require you to open a company, to provide services as a Legal Entity, but you don't understand anything about Accounting, Tax Regime, Simple, ISS, and other strange acronyms...

In fact, you don't even want to just want to do your job in peace.

Just thinking about all the bureaucracy you will need to face to open your company and then control and calculate all the taxes due on a monthly basis leaves you with a headache and anxiety attacks...

If you have already searched the internet and tried to start the process yourself, you must have been completely lost with so many demands.

All he achieved was more frustration and discouragement, due to the time wasted with bureaucracy, and confusion regarding the “legalese” of tax regimes.

“Maybe I’d better hire an accountant, he’ll sort everything out for me”, you may have thought.

And I tried to find this professional. And the problems continued...

First you tried traditional accountants and discovered that the amount charged and the difficulty of communication would not be worth the effort.

Then, he found an “Online Accounting” company, which promised to do everything online, very cheaply, even opening your company for free.

But (it seems like there is always a but in this story), you discovered that it is a service where there is no one for you to talk to or answer questions in person.

You have to keep searching for answers on the company's websites (or on Google), no one guides you in anything, they don't even do their own tax study to find out the best tax regime, no one controls your numbers and you don't receive the accounting statements mandatory.

To make matters worse, you are the one who needs to fill out the information on a platform or App to obtain your guides.

If you do something wrong, look how many problems you could have:


Pay more taxes


Not having your registration details up to date to issue invoices – and not being able to receive your payment


Falling prey to the IRS


Pay unnecessary fines


The government penalizes the company that hired you

Of course you don't want any of that, right?!

So, forget about this online accounting. This cheap price could be very expensive for you.

Now you've come this far, a little lost in so much information.

You don't know what to do... you just know that, if you don't choose correctly, you run the risk of losing money.

You need a solution that solves all the bureaucracy from opening your company to calculating and paying these fees monthly.

You need to receive guidance to choose the best taxation regime, where you will pay less taxes, receive not only your guides and obligations on time, duly completed, but also your financial statements.

You also need to be advised of changes in legislation and be alerted to any inconsistencies or impropriety in your company's figures.

And you deserve a personalized service, where you receive special attention, being well attended to by an accountant who speaks your language, who can indicate the best path to follow in this forest of bureaucracies.

On online accounting platforms, you are left to your own devices, having to learn on your own what documentation and data is needed for each request and payment.

If you, for any reason, submit information with missing or incorrect data, you will be solely responsible.

Here, you may ask yourself: “So what am I paying an accountant to do?”

Now, let's talk about what we do here at HX.

We are Digital Accounting, a new way of providing accounting services, focusing on the customer experience, with uncomplicated communication, so that you understand without “embromation” everything you need to open your company and work as a PJ.

We use technology to save you tedious work, automating some accounting processes, such as sending payment guides, controlling obligations, among others.

Everything is stored in the cloud, offering security and quick access wherever you are.

But, unlike online accounting, we continue to offer all the help and guidance so that you can keep your accounting up to date, without worry or wasted time.

We understand everything you are going through and we have exactly what you need.

Imagine being at ease, every month, without having to worry about anything, just doing your job and earning more money?!

It can make your salary double, triple or even increase 10 times...

That would be the difference between your life today, with money in your pocket, where you have a month left at the end of your salary, to a life with financial security and tranquility, with a salary sufficient to buy what you want, provide more comfort for your family, perhaps put their children at that private school close to home...

All of this is possible because we take care of all your accounting processes, leaving you with time and mind free to focus on what you do best. And make more money from it.

And the icing on the cake is that our services don't cost a fortune, because we offer exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Fill out the form below so we can get in touch and discuss together the best plan according to your needs.

Obrigado pelo envio!

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