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HX was born with the mission of taking your accounting from the dark ages to the future!


Arein love with technology, and this means that we are always on the lookout for new solutions that simplify your administrative, accounting and financial process. All this to save your time (and money, of course).


We process and maintain your tax, accounting and payroll compliance,

in a fully automated way, so that you have time at the end of the day and are more relaxed. We provide tax and accounting consultancy in a clear way (withoutembromation) and we can also develop ambitious but achievable financial goals for the growth of your business.


And more! We are experts in identifying what can steal a lot of your time. We design or redesign your administrative - financial process and if you need it, we suggest the best cloud software, so you can even take selfies with your financial position, if you want, in real time.


We are always concerned about your time and keeping you away from bureaucracy (a boring thing around here),simplifying complexity, so you can take care of your business and what makes you happy.


If you are looking for a progressive, vibrant and objective accounting firm, look no further!

Do you want to meet us?

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